Putting the pieces

About Us

Operated by a small team of finance specialists, Short Term Business Loans Australia (STBLA) is a Brisbane-based company that specialises in providing short-term loans to businesses around the country.


With over 70 years of finance experience, the STBLA team have the industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the best possible solution. Our competitive and flexible business loans are processed swiftly, taking the stress out of the process and enabling our clients to focus on their own products, services and customers.


We’ve worked with businesses with immediate financial needs that have been told to wait three months for approval by banks and other lenders. We’ve seen how this stagnation affects their ability to deliver to their own customers. After we identified this significant need for simple, manageable short-term business loan products, STBLA was established.


STBLA works with any business in any industry. We’ve lent to café owners, hairdressers,  mechanics, designers, retailers and a whole host of other businesses. Our customers are sole traders, small businesses and emerging corporations. As long as you have an ABN, a source of cash flow we will work with you to overcome any funding or cash flow obstacles that are preventing you from seeing the best results from your business.


If you want to work with a short-term lender that values efficiency, honesty and integrity, look no further than STBLA. We consider every application based on its merits and will act in your best interest at all times.


Say goodbye to crippling month-long delays and mountains of paperwork – with STBLA, you can receive your funds within days of applying online!